lodges - san Huberto lodge

San Huberto Lodge is located on a 24,000 acres cattle ranch, in northern Patagonia. The lodge offers access to some of Argentina’s finest trout fishing, because of its location on the Malleo River.

San Huberto can accommodate up to 16 guests in its spacious 4 single and 6 double rooms, with one accessible bedroom.

Founded in 1976 by Carlos and Carmen Olsen, San Huberto Lodge boasts the title of a pioneer in ranch lodging in Northern Patagonia. It has always been family-owned and is now operated by Carlos & Carmen's sons Ronnie and Gustavo, and their daughter Karin. Our warm hospitality and devotion to our work & lifestyle are a byword for our well-known trajectory. Under the lodge’s reservations policy, there are no more than twelve anglers at a time. The remaining spaces can accommodate up to 4 non-angler guests. This policy ensures a high-quality fishing experience along the Malleo river.


Cooking is love made visible

Authentic recipes and the finest local ingredients are key to our special devotion to cooking, which is grounded in the legacy developed by Mrs Carmen Olsen.

Nowadays, San Huberto kitchens and menus are planned and developed by Ronnie Olsen. Our cuisine is built around the ranch’s own ingredients from our organic vegetable garden and the free-range beef and lamb we raise on our lands. Dining is an integral part of our lodge experience based on delicious homemade dishes, focused on Argentine specialities and using the Olsen Family´s traditional recipes. Many of our guests plan their stay to include a Sunday at San Huberto Lodge to enjoy our special asado, a real argentine style culinary party, with beef, lamb, empanadas, organic salad and great Malbecs.

How to get to San Huberto Lodge

Alternative: fly to Bariloche airport and take a 3-hour ground transfer to the lodge.