inti malal lodge

Revealing our passion for responsible hunting and reaffirming the Olsen family´s tradition and devotion to hospitality.

The lodge houses eight sizable double bedrooms hosting up to 16 hunters.

Inti Malal Lodge, developed by Gustavo Olsen and his family, is located in Northwest Argentina and serves as the headquarters for our dove & pigeon hunting operation. With first-class modern design, comfortable space and amenities, and high attention to every detail, our hunting lodge is the leading accommodation service in the region. Take advantage of our daily laundry service included in your stay, and pack light. Play your music connecting to our Sonos network, join our wi-fi service or watch a football game in the living room. Find yourself relaxing in the evening at our jacuzzi, dry sauna, having a massage, or drinking a good glass of Malbec in our outdoor firepit.


Eat more of what makes you happy!

Authentic recipes, expert staff and the finest local ingredients are key to our special devotion to cooking, which is grounded in the legacy developed by Mrs Carmen Olsen.

Our cuisine is built around our organic vegetable garden and the free-range eggs and animals from local farmers.
Dining is an integral part of our lodge experience based on delicious homemade dishes, focused on Argentine specialities and using the Olsen Family´s traditional recipes.

How to get to Inti Malal Lodge

Notes: Chartered private flights from Buenos Aires to Tucuman are very comfortable and convenient options to consider.
Grand Caravans are able to land and take off from the local runway, just 5 minutes away from Inti Malal lodge.
Metroliners and King Airs will land/take off at Tucuman Airport.