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hunting - red stag big game

Red stag hunting represents our first and most traditional outdoor activity in the family. Because of it, we can offer truly exceptional open-range hunting experiences to our guests.

Due to our wide 10,000-hectare property and additional 10,000-hectare at the neighbouring ranches, where we hold long lasting agreements for exclusive hunting use.

Our background in conjunction with our careful management and low pressure on the resource results of the an increase in quality and number of trophies year by year, and it promises to provide an unforgettable hunting trip. We guarantee our hunters, with a 100% success rate, a red stag trophy over 190 points according to CIC scale.

We invite those interested in hunting to contact us far in advance, as we limit availability to no more than 10 spots per year in accordance with our internal management policies for wild herd’s improvement, to ensure high-quality trophies.

Itinerary Sample

Our traditional 6-day package includes accommodation, all meals and beverages, full guiding services and 1 trophy and 1 non-typical, making your hunting trip an “all-inclusive” service.


Hunting season is open from March 1st to May 31st. Early March to mid-April is the best time frame for hunters and observers to witness the vast herds moving across the landscape.

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