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Our prime location and superb facilities make our dove hunting operation the top choice for wingshooting in northern Argentina.

Tucumán and Santiago del Estero provinces provide a variety of shooting roosts, feeding fields with crops, water holes, and sugar cane ranches, that will challenge our hunters daily. The type of hunt will also vary according to weather conditions, agriculture calendar, harvesting, and time of the year.

Our proximity to the hunting grounds allows us to return to the lodge for lunch and rest before the afternoon hunt. Driving to any dove field will take between 10 and 25 minutes.

Since our beginnings, we have worked and developed along with government wildlife departments, to establish an exclusive area for each outfitter in the provinces where we work. These policies lead every operation to be responsible for a sustainable hunting planning across the board. We are the only ones in an area of 100 kilometers around, taking care of every roost, ranch and land that we lease. Scouting, creating a strategic plan and developing the hunts following these rules took us to offer a quality and consistent operation.
The massive population of doves makes this region an extremely wild and impressive spot for hunters. In this rich environment with farmland, doves have found an ideal space for proliferation and have multiplied to an overwhelming extent.
As dove populations have severely increased in number making them harmful to agriculture, dove hunting has become an important component to control overpopulation. In addition, it provides valuable employment for the local communities.

Depending on the time of the season, pigeon hunting trips can be added to the itinerary upon prior request.

Itinerary Sample

A typical hunting package includes 4 days/nights, with all meals and beverages, an open bar, laundry, transfers to and from the airport and full guiding services.


Even though shooting is always consistent and there are uncountable doves in the fields all year round, our dove hunting season starts in late March and ends in early November, in order to avoid the tropical summer high temperatures of northern Argentina.

Pick up at the airport - Lunch. Late afternoon hunting depending on arrival schedule. Cocktails. Dinner.

Have breakfast and be ready for your day’s adventure. Dove hunting in the morning. Return to the lodge to enjoy appetizers and drinks before lunch. Relax and enjoy lodge facilities until coffee time followed by late afternoon hunting. Evenings provide a great opportunity for a massage, the enjoyment of our spa facilities, or simply enjoy drinks in the beauty of the outdoor fire pit before dinner.

Morning dove hunt if the itinerary allows. Enjoy a quick lunch before departing to the airport.

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Revealing our passion for responsible hunting and reaffirming the Olsen family´s tradition and devotion to hospitality.

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We have developed a strong network of tourist suppliers and professionals in different fields, such as spa time, wine day trip, bow hunting and much more.


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Guns & Shells

We have an excellent gun selection for your convenience. Shells are locally manufactured in our region with high controlled standards.

Travelling with guns: We would be delighted to assist you with papers and other mandatory procedures for temporary gun importation, to enjoy your fitted guns at our place.

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