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Patagonia was wild, rude and inhospitable when our ancestors first settled in the area. Our great grandparents arrived from Europe in the late 19th Century.

Hard work and determination by many families like ours, shaped a new lifestyle by embracing the overwhelming wilderness of the natural surroundings. The initial economic resources came from ranching. First came sheep, then bovine cattle. Simple vegetable gardens provided some extra food in the summer, and households learned how to store some for the winter. European pioneer ranchers also introduced new species like the red stag in the 1920´s, while trout were accidentally introduced around 1904. European rabbits, hare and wild boars appeared in the area over time. People witnessed the almost magical spread of these species throughout the Patagonian lands. Avid fishermen and hunters found the ideal location to pursue their favourite sports on these lands. It didn't take long for the residents to understand that a new business opportunity was available.

The very first rural lodge in Northern Patagonia was born San Huberto Lodge, founded by Carmen & Carlos Olsen in the early 1970s was first a modest and warm inn for hunters and anglers.

For its charm and location along one of the most well-known fly fishing rivers in the world: the Malleo, the place grew in fame and nature lovers from around the world began to travel to San Huberto Lodge. At present, it is managed by Carlos & Carmen´s son, Ronnie, with the participation and help of Karin and Gustavo. Over the years, we decided to expand our activities and we developed a wing shooting operation. Gustavo Olsen started this activity with duck and dove hunting in the northeast of Argentina. Later on, he decided to move and settle down in the northwest, to build a new place, Inti Malal Lodge, with a strategic and superb location that ensures the most varied hunting scenarios at short drives from the main lodge.

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