Connect with nature

About us - Conservationism

Conservation has a major role in the future of hunting and fishing. Our lodges are located within wonderful natural resources that we must take care of. This is a priority for the Olsen Family.

Our careful management and low pressure on the resources result in an increased quality of the natural environment we offer to our guests. It's important to implement a strategy that will allow consistent hunting and fishing across the board and, at the same time, a fair game between nature and hunters/anglers. We work along with the wildlife authority in order to inform about bird and stag population's behaviour and status.

Fly Fishing

We practice “catch and release” in all the places where we promote fishing. This has substantially enhanced the fish populations and has increased the chances for hook-ups for our guests.

Dove & Pigeon Hunting

In the hunting area, we scout as much as needed in order to find the right place for our hunters and guarantee a qualified, fine and correct hunt. Observing feeding behaviors, the main roosts and habitat, reproduction process and other factors, is key for sustainable planning and responsible development in this activity.

Red Stage Hunting

We limit availability to no more than 10 spots per year through our operation. This limit is imposed in accordance with our internal management policies. First of all, this policy contributes to the wild herds´ improvement, and to ensure the continued high quality of our trophies. But most importantly, along with other practices, it protects the whole wildlife.